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Hi everyone... I hope you enjoy the new section for the blog... literary coffee... a place where I want to write about ... amazing and important writers and the  interesting news about them...
I´m going to inaugurate it... with a huge surprise... an interview with Patrick Rothfuss... The Name of the wind writer
I sent the questions by mail and he answered me back... it´s short because he has a lot of things to do...
Welll here you have the interview... [Pat's answers are in red (why red? keep reading and you´ll find out)... mine are in blue]


Hi... I can't believe you answer me back...
Thanks a lot... of course it would be only a little interview... I appreciate your effort trying to be in contact with your fans

Have you ever imagine being such a good writer?

I'm not really that good a writer. But I am good at re-writing and revising. In my early drafts, my stories have a lot of rough spots. But I revise and revise, again and again, and each time the story gets a little better.

Why does Kvothe have red hair?
Through all history redheads have been larger than life. Gilgamesh. Alexander the Great, Ghengis Kahn.  Napoleon. All redheads.  Even Jesus was rumored to have red hair, the deep color of wine. In Germanic and Egyptian cultures, redheads were rumored to have magic abilities, and occasionally, they were killed because of it. In ancient Greece redheads were thought to become vampires after they died.

Almost every culture has some bizarre belief about redheads, but no matter what the specific detail, it's usually tied to magic, power, charisma, and usually darker things as well.

Sound like anyone you know?

Why do you use Kvothe as the name of your character?
Heh. I just made it up. Honestly? I doodled it on one of my notebooks back in high school. I was just putting letters together randomly and I came up with "Kvothe." I looked at it and thought to myself, "That sounds like it would be a cool name. It wasn't until years later that I put the name in a book...

Do you have plans to write other books after Kvothe’s story will be finished?
Kvothe's story is what I'm focused on most right now. But I do have some thoughts for other books. I think it would be fun to write an urban fantasy novel or two. Something short and funny, full of sex and adventure. Maybe a modern-day faerie tale, too.

Is there something you wanted to do... but until now you can´t accomplish?
[I'll pass on this question....]

Have you ever been in Mexico?
No. Not yet.

Do you have plans to come here to make a book tour?
Not right now. I have a young son, so it's hard for me to spend a lot of time away from home. If I'm away for more than just a couple days, I miss him terribly. He's getting old enough that he misses me, too.

I do hope to come down there for a visit eventually. But it probably won't be for years and years....

Anything you want to share with your Mexican readers?

Thanks for reading my first book, I hope you like the second one....

Thanks a lot for everything Pat... 
That's it... hope you enjoy it...
if you want to know more about the writer and the books... you should visit...

I wish soon I´d have more to share with you... in exclusive...

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